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Lecture 1

Week 1 Brief notes from the first class on Birth, Childhood, and Education. As the course continues, the notes get longer and more detailed--more was tested on later notes!

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University of Toronto St. George
Melanie Racette- Campbell

September 16 2010Women in AntiquityBirth Childhood and EducationRecently women have been able to move into the public sphereWomen in ancient world didnt have many rightsNot allowed to voteProperty allowanceoSome were allowed to own property oDads not wanting to give their property to daughters husband so prefer togive to the daughter to keep in familyWomen have been important in household Sometimes even have complementary roles to menAlso important in religion social tiesSome women have influenced political powerWomen are as necessary as men in society Nothing earlier than 1000 bce or later than 350 ceAfter 350 Christianity become increasingly dominant and big changes in political changesGreece Italy places around the Mediterranean Slavery in Greece and romeDifferent to other slaveryNot race based More of who was unlucky in warIn classic Greece everyone who could afford it everyone h
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