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Week 8: Women and Public Life A continuation of the notes on Women and Work (didn't finish that lecture in the alotted time), as well as this week's lecture. Detailed, extensive notes, that are a compilation of both notes taken in class and then from the

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Melanie Racette- Campbell

November 18 2010Trades other than woolworkingMany of these trades were luxury tradesgenerally women were associated with luxury so its no surprise that theyd end up working in these luxury tradesNoteably absent from trades like sculptor armourmaker masonry woodworking these were the higheststatus trades the ones that made the most money and the ones that held the most power in general for their guilds and people who rose to the top of themWomen who worked in trades other than woolworking are often found working with their husbandsUsually in unusual trades where you wouldnt really expect women ex writing trades horse tender butcher etc the women may have gotten into the trade because it was a family business because they had a father that was especially good at it or had special talents that got them notices where otherwise women generally wouldnt be trained for that sort of tradeWeaver of goldUngent boilerStoreroom attendantGuilderShoemakerButcherGarland makerMillerLiterate tradesSurprisingAlchemistAn extension of their association with witchcraftGenerally was something that people with a lot of time on their hands would doReaderSomeone who reads for someone elseEx Ciceros friend Atticus an orator had slaves that stood around reading at dinner as a form of entertainmentEx Pliny the Elder or other scholars who were working on books of their own would have slaves look up any passages they needed while writingWould require that the reader had a pleasant voice and be literateeducatedOnly one example of a female reader among antiquityScribeWrites things for other peopleStenographerSomeone who takes dictationIn modern times associated with womenEx Pliny the Elder writing books would dictateEx slaves writing out letters for ownersWould probably have to have nice writingBookkeeperOnly known from a gravestone husband and wife who were butcher where wife was keeping books for businessWorkers with animalsShepherdessWas a slave position almost exclusivelyIbisfeederHorse tenderPersonal care workersPeople whos primary job was to care for the physical needs of someone elseprimarily slaves but sometimes freedwomen who had kept up their trade once they were freedTrades usually related to womens roles in homes and to beauty related to sexuality which was also related to motherhoodChildcareWorked for those who couldnt or chose not to care for their own childrenWet nurseBreastfeeds other womens children for pay or for as the slave of that familyReasons for needing a wet nurseDeath in the family especially during childbirthFoundlingsWomen who didnt want to breastfeedOnly available to the wealthiest peopleSome scrutiny of wet nursessome belief that character was transferred through the milk to the childNurseSomeone who cares for childrenof the wealthyNot that common but we hear of them because theyd often have close relationships with the children theyd raisedOften would eventually be freed by the family theyd servedUsually cared for in old age were like another mother and were often closer to the children than their actual mothersPedagogueSomeone who cares for childrenolder childrenAlso a slave positionDoesnt necessarily teach children but is more someone who escorts children ie desireable teenage boys to school the gym to make sure theyre not getting into troubleUsually watching boys rather than girls because girls tended to already be married by the time you had a pedagogue for your childrenBeauticiansLadys maidsWealthy women had people to help them with everythingAdvantages and disadvantages of being a household slave to a wealthy woman
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