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Lecture 11

Women in Antiquity Lecture 11 Notes.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Regina Höschele

Lecture 11- Famous Roman Women Exam – from Sept. To now Identification, quotations, essay question Standard essay (usually broad, use sources) / or you can bring a dialogue Geneticialian priesthood – happens in cults, be member of specific family Democratic priesthood- can be filled by other families - Some women end up being portrayed as being, awful, terrible figures that are into having sex with everybody - Emperors are portrayed as being good and bad  MOST ARE KNOWN AS BADS - Very hard to reconstruct - Roman women famous – livia  wife of augustus, Claudia  notorious, Julia daughter of Auguster, Emphemis Cornelia- - Absolute embodiment of a good women! - Known as motherhood - Mother of Tiberius - Daughter of scipio africanus ( got the name africanus because defeated one of rome arch enemies) - Married to Tiberius sempronius Gracchus - Sempronius (family of clan that he belongs to ) Gracchus (nickname) - Very limited names to choose from - Women are only named by getting the female form of the FAMILY NAME - Ceaser is an example - Denied to marry Ptolemy V111 Physcon after her husband died - Cornellia bore 12 children, almost all of them died before adulthood - Only 3 reached adulthood - Sempronia  daughter, and Tiberius and Gaius  sons - Famous for virtue that she was a UNIVERA - Refuses to marry again - Legendary - Sources portray her as a women that is educated, and splendid education to her sons - In later times – worshiped, a statue of her was erected in Rome, in the Augustan stage - She was an actual women and got a statue for herself  big deal - Statue of a sitting goddess was later interpreted as her, - Porticus – hall with a lot of columns, where a lot of people meet up - Porticus Octavia – put up by Augustus, in honour of his sister - Statue of Cornelia sitting there, - Cornelia africani F. ( filia means daughter)…daughter of africanus, - Gr acchorvm ( mother of grachai) - Defined as being daughter and mother in the inscription - Octavia ( sister of augustus) is the mother of Marcellus( successor of Augustus)..because he did not have any sons of his own - Octavia – known as mother figure - Who are the Gracchi? - Tiberius: - 163 – 133 BC, tribune ( represenataive of the roman people), two parts of the population 1. Nobels Patricians 2. Non nobels – pavelins …… - tribune can make laws, important political office - Tiberius - propose a law of land, that wasn’t popular with the wealthy people, lot of chaos, 133 BC Tiberius dies - Gaius: - Dies in 121 BC - Has a slave kill him, after his people are badly beaten up - Both grachai wanted to bring social reforms, didn’t go well, end up dead - Cornelia loses her two sons in political struggle - The gracchai were notorious - Cornelia is sometimes blamed because of her sons actions - Cornelia – known as best women a women can be as - Defined AS MOTHER OF BOTH SONS - The snake portent – plutatch- writer who wrote biographies on romans - Story ^ - portrays a happy marriage, husband loves his wife so much , that he does something as a bad omen that will result in death, so he says cornelia shall live on - These are my jewels story – matron ( married women) , says I don’t need jewels, I have my children - Mother of Gracchi- says how disappointed in her two sons saying bring her fame, and not to be known as mother in law of semphoria’s husband - Semporia married guy named Aemilaneus - Picture of the jewels- - Cornelia had education, and was active in making sons educated as well - Cornelia educates her sons – - Cicero, Brutus – nurtured by the mother a lot - Quintillian, orations – - Tacitus – dialogue on oratory – always defined through two sons - Seneca, to helvia on consolation – cornelia feels proud of sons, and holds up, and Seneca says she is a strong female - 41 AD, wife of Claudius accused Seneca of adultery, mother of nero wants her to tutor her son - Seneca was exiled - Women can bear the grief of children very well Clodia Metelli- ( known as bad) (opposite of Cornellia) - Born around 94 bc - Notorious - Sister of Clodius Pulcher -(connected with Bona Deia scandal) - Claudius – patrician name - Clodius – pevenian name - Wanted to be a tribune - As a patrician was not eligible of being a tribune so was adopted so he can become that - Cicero – lived from 106 – 43 BC, ends up being enemy of marc Anthony, who had him put on a list to be killed, one day cicero is going somewhere and supporters marc anthony cut ciceros hands off -
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