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Regina Höschele

CLA219 Lecture 4Women in art and poetry For the midtermknow the epigrams the dates roughly for the poems and artworksdefinitions of goddesses and charactersfamiliarize with passages from texts1 Peplos Kore statue520 BC Archaic era Koremaiden in greek another name for persephone who was also known as KorePeplosa flowing garmentlike most art from the archaic times the statue was very generic and rigid in form less movement and emotion less detail but major detailing in hair pattern more basic has the passive archaic smileher hand could have held a spearcontrapposto with one feet aheadshows grace Charis in greek yet livelinessshows ideal aristocratic women of the timesome say it is to honor AthenaThe female Kore is clothed the male kouros is not It was initially painted with color but the color faded overtime She was painted with geometric animal motifs on the peplos the style at the time colorpolychromytherefore our sense of what antiquity is like was conditioned by paintings movies etc Some polychromic statues have specific colors that fade overtime so if you put UV light over them you can rediscover faints of the color to see the patterns of that time 2 Archaic Kouros kouroi is pluralarchaic smile contrapposta nude but genetials are small they believed big was not beautiful no leaves to cover the penis that was a later concept rigid generic body structure ideal patterned hair also archaic3 Lion from Loutraki near Corinth also archaic general basic form550 BCblue main and yellow fur however4 Paris on the west pediment of the Aphaia templethe Goddess Aphaia was worshiped on the island of Aiginahe was wearing colorful patterned pantsholding a bow and arrowhe seems foreign thus potentially bad for the Greeks he was part of the Trojan side5 Athena of Parthenon
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