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Regina Höschele

McKinnley Morris Classics – NF 003 September 11 2012 Regine Hoschele – double dots over the O. First Class: Probable topics discussed: Expectations, required texts, course lay-out, pre-assigned reading. Pre-assigned reading: Topic: Demeter’s sorrow at losing her only daughter Persephone to the lord of the underworld Hades. Further: Probable discussion on the feminine topic; female rights and portrayal. **Descriptions of females throughout the piece. Patriarchal Were the assumptions correct? TBD [update 09122012 – YES] Antiquity – Ancient Western Culture (Mediterranean) // Varying texts from fun-serious *no handouts or lecture notes *she will post the power-point after *ask – question period *no tutorials in this course *office hours: Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 th Midterm – Oct 16 , Nov 20 (hour each) Do well: Show up and listen Go back and fill-out notes *source book – no text book. (available in book store) McKinnley Morris Sources for study: Archaeological material Epigraphy (inscriptions) Artefacts *Literature (philosophical, historical, scientific, mythological, poetic) We are mainly restricted to a male’s POV. Also: most often constructed Ancient Greece: Archaic Period: ca. 750-500BC // Homer’s Works Classical Period: ca. 500-323 BC (death of Alexander the Great) *women’s roles in Athens vs Sparta* Hellenistic Period: ca. 323-31 BC (Battle of Actium) *political forms change Imperial Period: Rome as new political power (Greece becomes a province in 146 BC) Rome: (founded 753 BC) st Roman Republic: ca. 500-mid-first century BC (monarchy overthrown in 509 BC; civil wars in 1 cent. BC to end of Republic) rd Roman Empire: ca. 30 BC – 3 Cent. AD Late Antiquity: ca/ 4 – 6 Cen. AD Alexander the Great: 356-323 BC Romulous and Ramen – Wolf Nursing the children //roman Mostly all male run. Few public female positions. A lot of misogyny (hatred of women). All throughout antiquity. McKinnley Morris Twelve Olympians: Uranus = Caelus | Cronus = Saturnus | Zeus = Jupiter / Hera = Juno/ Demeter = Ceres/ Hestia = Vesta / Poseidon = Neptunus | Aphrodite = Venus/ Athena = Minerva/ Ares = Mars/ Apollo = Apollo/ Artemis = Diana / Hephaetus = Vulcanus / Hermes = Mercurius Lets talk about Aphrodite: - Venus - Epithets: Kypirs, Kythereia (adjective, attribute) - Born from the member of Uranus (Hesiod) or daughter of Zeus and Dione (Homer) [for our purposes we will believe the castrated version] - Goddess of love - Wife of Hephaestus - Also could be: Cytherea, Cytherea, Cyprogenes, Philommedes - Mother of Eros (cupid) - Mistress of Ares - Mortal Lovers: Anchises (son Aneneas – Trojan // founding father of Roman state. Delivers many to Italy) and Adonis - Aphrodite Anadyomene – Greek word for rising up. Coming out of the H2O *Julias – decendants from Aneneas // Caesar’s family claimed Hesiod – Theogony 178-200 (the family tree of the gods) In the Odyssey – Greek epic of Odysseys. On his journey home from troy. Stops at an Island and gets told all these stories. *marriage is a commercial transaction. - The judgement of Paris : The apple of Discord : Aphrodite, Hera and Athena (Apple goes to Aphrodite) Hera = rule the world. Athena = skills in war and wisdom. Aphrodite = most gorgeous wife of the world (Trojan war ensues) McKinnley Morris Artemis: -Diana -Brother to Apollo (Twins) -Daughter of Zeus and Leto -Virgin Goddess -Goddess of Hunting -Resided over crucial aspects of life: transition from maiden hood to womanhood; childbirth - later identified with Selene (moon) -Symbols: bow and arrow, stags -Somehow associated with fertility. – placed in famous temple *Actaeon: happens to peep on Artemis in a stream. She’s furious. Turns him into a stag. His own dogs kill him. *temple one of the 7 wonders of the world. Some guy burnt down the temple. His name is now well
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