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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Women in Poetry

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University of Toronto St. George
Regina Höschele

CLA219: Women inAntiquity Tuesday Oct 2, 2012 Lecture 4 - Women inArt and Poetry Midterm Information • Anything covered in class is up for testing • Need to know which author wrote what, and provide rough date (century) • Definitions (who is Demeter, who isAphrodite, etc) • Identify passages • What kind of female vices are portrayed Lecture • Image of Peplos-Kore ca. 520 B.C. • Kore (‘Maiden’) • Persephone known as Kore • Peplos is type of garment (and she is wearing it, thus her name) • FromArchaic period • Dynamic posture • Stiff • Legs together, with one foot in front of the other • Archaic smile - serene, little bit of a smile, upturn of the lips • Missing arm probably held a spear, or offering • These figures functions are unclear • Are the representing the ideal? Greek word for ‘grace’ • • Generic image of young aristocratic womanhood; not an actual historical person • Representing female worshippers ofAthena? • Representing minor divinities? RepresentingAthena herself? • • Our sense of what antiquity is is conditioned by what has passed down to us - evidenced by the fact that we think statues were white, but in fact they were painted • Kouros are naked, Kore are clothed • How would you call the multi-colored scheme? - Polychromy; they were polychromous • Ultraviolet light technology - can get close to how the statues looked like • Colours fade and deteriorate differently • And of course, they are natural pigments - we can understand the substances, and then know what colours were represented Image: Lion from Loutraki (near Corinth), ca. 550 B.C. • • Blue mane, yellow body, red design on face • Image: Paris on the West pediment of theAphaia-temple (Aigina) • Aigina was island close toAthens Paris represented as Persian (Eastern) • • In Greeks perspective this makes him suspicious (as the Trojans were often portrayed) • Augustus of Prima Porta • Eros at his feet -As Juli clan claimed to be descendant ofAnchises andAphrodite • On his cuirass - return of Rome’s Standard from the Parthinians (lost in 53 BC) • Image: Funerary statue of Phrasiklea, ca. 540 BC CLA219: Women inAntiquity Tuesday Oct 2, 2012 Lecture 4 - Women inArt and Poetry • Real girl who died • Wonderfully preserved Found in 1972 • • Includes epigram to honor the dead girl • Unique to have both epigram and statue • Archaic period • Thought that she was buried with the representation of her (the kore) • Possible because tyrant had returned, and wanted to protect the image from attacks • In pentameter; elegiac dystich - poem consisting of two lines, typical meter of elegy - comes to be standard of epigram • Elegy is a genre initially used for laments, and songs for mourning Epigram means something written on an object • • Written to be chiseled on stone for funerary inscriptions, or accompanied votive offerings • It then gets disassociated with this and we find epigrams not meant to be inscribed. Find satire and love poetry in that genre • “I, Phrasikleia’s sema (meaning tomb, but can also mean something that stands for some- thing, i.e., a sign), shall always be called girl, having received this name from the gods in- stead of marriage.” • The tomb is speaking • She died a maiden, and so will always be a kore • The statue on the tomb is a kore - refers back to it • Represented as an honor • Greek thought that a girl who dies before marriage was married to Hades • Find that imagery a lot in funerary poems • Kleos is greek word for fame • Fame that you can gain by performing heroic deeds • Has to be bestowed on you by poets, or those who remember you • Name: “to whom fame is concern” • The fact that people remember her is her fame • Her name is
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