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Regina Höschele

CLA 219WOMEN IN ANTIQUITYR Hschele103012FEMALE BODYAncient medicine established sciencetheoretical writings preserved from AntiquityoVery influential till recentlyoAbsurd in modern perspectiveHippocratic Oathsworn by doctorsoAbide by certain rulesoDone since antiquityOath written by Hippocrates of CosoCountless writings transmitted from him but probably not all authenticPersonification of a doctorSchool of thoughtoDozens of treatisesCorpus HippocraticumoBorn around 460 BC known for the sacred disease epilepsydisease sent by the godsOath swears by the gods of medicine like Apollo Asclepius Panacaea etcoSwears to help people to the best of their abilities and judgment to uphold patientdoctor confidentiality not to harm patients not to help women abort etcGynecological treatisesprocreation conception etcoFocus on pathologyhear about diseases and complications not the bodyPractising doctors all malesoAccess to female patients limitedrareHagnodike female medical practitioner from antiquityoDisguised as a man went to Alexandria and apprenticed to the bestoGarnered jealousy of male doctors Accused of sleeping with patients led to a trial defended by female patientsFreewomen allowed to train as physicians2 concepts of the female bodyA woman is different from a man HippocratesFemale is the inferior version of a maleinfertile man reflects cultural biasAristotleMenstruationDefining feature of womenCauses disease illnessWomen are incomprehensible to menoExpression of too much liquid wetness within womenBody temperature4 humours theoryHumourfluid oAffects the persons moodsHOTCOLDDRYYELLOW BILEBLACK BILEWET BLOODPHLEGMAccording to ancient theory all of these 4 elements are within a person
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