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Lecture 9

Textbook Readings for Lecture 9

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Regina Höschele

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CLA219: Women inAntiquity Texts 393, 413 Demeter ‘With their hearts in agreement they cheered their souls’ 393. The story of Persephone. 7th cent. BC? (Homeric Hymn to Demeter, vv. 3370-95. G) • Secret rites are Eleusis celebrated Persephone’s return to her mother • No one knows exactly what happened at the mysteries • The possibility of rebirth suffused by the story was presented also in the notion of the dead grain’s become the live seed of the next year’s crop Demeter asks her daughter if she ate anything in the underworld • • If she had not she could live with Demeter, but if she had then she had to spend a portion of her time in the Underworld • 1 third in the underworld • When the earth blooms persephone comes up • Interestingly it doesn’t set it up as etiological - she comes up when the earth is in spring, not the direct cause of it • She says she was forced, against her will, to eat the pomegranate • She talks about her capture (was in a meadow picking flowers when the she saw a beautiful narcissus and picked it, the earth opened up and Hades kidnapped her) • After Zeus decides what a fair amount of time allotted to each is, Demeter goes and makes the crops flourish once more • Rhea tells her not to be upset about the bargain but to restore crops everywhere • She listens and does so She also goes to the kings Triptolemus and Diocles, and mighty Emulous and Celeus leader of • people to tell of the performance of her ritual and instruct them on her sacre
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