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Lecture 4

CLA230 Lecture 4 Notes cont'd

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University of Toronto St. George
Dimitri Nakassis

CLA230 Lecture 4 Notes (continued in lecture 5) Late Bronze Age - to what extent Mycenaean kings were god-like and to what extent the palaces were a redistributive command economy - from archaeology, redistributive command economy is now believed not to be the case - extent to which palaces and interfered and monitored – taxes, land, control over land, recruit labour, etc. - conclusion of Moses Finley: “The Near Eastern economies were dominated by large palace – or temple – complexes, who owned the greater part of the arable, virtually monopolized anything that can be called ‘industrial production’ as well as foreign trade, and organized the economic, military, political and religious life of the society through a single complicated, bureaucratic, record-keeping operation for which the word ‘rationing’, taken very broadly, is as good a one-word description as I can think of.” - Moses Finley – sees Mycenaean economy as Near Eastern style – similar – lumped together - Finley – economic historian, writing immediately at the time after the decipherment of texts - this image of Greek economy was the dominant model for some time - Halstead – different take – all kinds of activity that isn’t recorded in linear B texts – only control a small fraction - Halstead on redistribution or mobilization: “The palaces exercised only partial control over economic activity within their territories: the palace di
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