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Dimitri Nakassis

Chronology  776 BC  Olympiad  Beginning of the Archaic Period  Stone Age  55,000-3,000 BC (Prehistory) o Paleolithic (Old) o Mesolithic (Mid) o Neolithic (New)  Bronze Age  3,000-1,200 BC (Prehistory) o Early Bronze Age o Middle Bronze Age o Late Bronze Age  Iron Age  1,200 - BC (History) o Early Iron Age  Dark Ages (Protohistory) o **Archaic  776–480 BC o Classical  480-323 BC o Hellenistic  323-30 BC**  Earliest evidence of humans = homo erectus, stone tools Herodotus (480’s-420’s)  ‘Father of History’  Best source for Persian wars and good source for archaic Greek history  Writing in the 420’s BC  Historie = Anthropology, ethnography, history, etc.  The Histories is meant to immortalize actions, people, events, etc. o Focusing on aristocratic male activity  biased POV  Interested in non-Greeks and their customs  Causality (i.e. what led to war?)  Oral/secondary history  Recounts exactly what he is told whether or not he believes it. Is criticized for not being critical enough. Sometimes compares stories. Thucydides (460’s-390’s)  More emphasis on writing, more emphasis on the greatness of Peloponnesian Wars  General for the Athenians in the P. War  Uses historical poets to analyze the actions of past Greeks and present Greeks  Projects his own explanations on historical events  Uses archaeology to understand ethnic identity on Delos  Better historical method than Herodotus o Says that although the archaeological evidence would suggest Sparta lacked power, they occupy and lead almost half of the Peloponnese  Critically examining evidence against circumstance
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