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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Dimitri Nakassis

1Monday September 19 2011CLA230H1Lecture 3Sources for History contdPapyriPlant that grows in Egypt on the banks of the Nile and the paper that is made from that plantA reedPressed and dried into paperSome preservedDry climate in Egyptgood preservationEx Letter of July 19 97 BCLetter concerning purchase of a house from the wife of Didymos Not public documents ExpensiveUsed to write literary texts copy of Homer judicial and medical texts official and private letters contracts complaints made to authorities tax statements land registers Primarily useful for Hellenistic history Art Ex Chigi vase ca 640 BCShows a kind of warfare that dates to ArchaicClassical periodFeatures hoplites and phalanxSome argued that this kind of fighting mass can be dated by the vaseThis type of fighting was likely practiced sometime before this vase was created prior to 640 BCArchaeologyPrimarily excavationGreek housewe know a little but about them based on descriptions in literary accountsEasiest way to find out more is to lead an excavation Can determine size how they are furnished specialty rooms etcEspecially important in early Greek history where textualliterary sources are patchy Problems in ancient historyNot a lot of evidenceoften dealing with scrappy evidenceTherefore cant afford to ignore any potential useful form of evidence ie archaeology
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