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Lecture on October 26th

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Dimitri Nakassis

CLA230 - Lecture on October 26th, 2011 Phalanx - in sparta, the military is homogenous, meaning people from all classes came together to fight as one, as brethren - In Athens, solon has 4 property classes baed on their ability to make money - Military equipment: - basic shield and spear = 1 months wages - bronze breastplate = 3 months wages - average hoplite owned 10-15 acres of land worth 2000-3000 drachmas (standard daily wage is 1 drachma) - they had to pay for their own equipment - therefore it was not a homogenous system - also aristocrats would have not only better equipment but have more time on their hands to train and be better soldiers - better soliders were in the front and back, basic soliders in the middle in order that they dont run away Classical hoplite battle: - Thucydides describes the battle on Mantineia in 418 BC - armies line up on the plain, approach each other - they shift to the right - guy on the very right doesnt have protection on his right, therefore he creeps to the right - but you want your line to be as wide as the other line observations: - emphasis on the center (and right) - its hard to coordinate activity and communication effectively on the field of battle - discipline (or lack thereof) - can speak out - integrity of the line - same length as opponents length, as soon as line breaks the battle is basically over - strategy (or lackthereof) eg. allowing a hole in the line, leading to failure Lull of ten years between marathon and the next expedition against greece - because of revolt of eqypt in 486 BC - darius dies later that year, xerxes assumes the throne, subdues egypt - greece is not priority number one, securing the wealth of egypt is. - xerxes is convinced to think about greece again by his cousin mardonius because he wanted to be satrap of Greece (thanks, herodotus) Xerxes makes preparations to invade greece: - prepares huge army - ships, cavalry - engineering: - bridging the hellespont - bridging something else - excavating a canal In the meantime, athens discovers silver mines in Laurion (483 BC) - Aristides wanted to give 10 drachmas to each citizens, but archon Themistocles convinced the assembly to spend money building a navy for inevitable war The build up of Thermopylae - Hellenic League - alliance, is be
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