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Lecture on November 2nd

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Dimitri Nakassis

CLA230 - Lecture on November 2nd. The Pentakonaetia (479-432 BC) (Right before the Peloponnesian wars, where Athens acquires an empire) Sources: - Herodotus - Thucydides (main source for this, was alive at the time. ((b. 460, d. 390s)) strategos mid-420s) - some dates are inaccurate, refers to other authors but we don’t have those authors texts (didn’t survive) evidence is not so great so we cant really be sure about whats happening. he seems to be correcting other authors. - Aristotle (constitution of the athenians) Historical Trends - Delian League > Athenian Empire - Athenian Democracy The Seige of Sestos: 479 BC - how quickly after battles of Mycale and ___ the two sides go their own way. - same summer after persian wars the athenians and spartans quickly go off and look after their own interests. Sparta didn't want athens to build fortifications, they were surprised by the new strength of Ahenian navy. Spartans want to go back to the way things were before the wars, when athens was second fiddle to the spartans. in this way the persian wars was athens coming out. Athens starts to go its own way.... Piraeus fortifications 493-477 BC (Athens fortification) athens is fortified, and they have the fortified port as well, middle of 5th century they fortify a road between the two Pausanias, son of Cleombrotus (SPARTAN) one of the main reasons were told that the allies turn to Athens is because of this guy^ - nephew of Leonidas - leads expedition against cyprus, Byzantium, (478 BC) - they want persian stuff, persia is much wealthier - natural extension of persian wars, but also just raids. - but many people didn’t like Pausanias - not acting the way he pught to, is violent with the allies. - lead to them (hellenes, particularly the Ionians and newly liberated populations)going to the athenians and asked them to be their leaders and to stop the spartan commander. Pausanias wanted to be satrap. started becoming violent and prouder than ever. became really persian-ish Dorkis; 478 BC - Dorkis (spartan) is sent out as a commander, who found that the allies no longer inclined to conceded to them the command. - sparta has a good relationship with athenians, - some people in sparta didn’t want to take on this war - don’t want to keep having their commanders turning into freaks (like pausanias^) - league established (Delian League) - est. in 478 - purpose is to defend members from persia and punish persians for persian war - autonomous allies - treasury, congress at sanctuary of apollo at Delos - either contribute ships or money - Hellentamiai (treasurers for Hellas - accountants) - aegan coastal league - Ionians, not dorians involved. Kimon son of Miltiades, early league campaigns. take eion.(north coastal city.) -interest in the North: navy needs wood and manpower. athens doesnt have access to timber, so one main concern for them is to secure access to wood. also interested in silver mines they have there. take spiros, attack karystos. - Access to north aegean and secure spots along the way. (securing athenian interests) Pausanias(471BC) is accused of collaborating with helots and the king to takeover. - turned in by a servant, ephors listen in on conversations, try to arrest him, before they can runs to temple of athena. they lock him in and they starve to death. athena is angry at the spartans, so they make statues of Pausanias. - ephors also found that themistokles was doing the same thing. he had been otracized to argos. runs away to the persian king, xerxes, who gives him 3 cities (one is
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