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Lecture on October 17th

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University of Toronto St. George
Dimitri Nakassis

CLA230 - Lecture on October 17th, 2011 Solon and Lycurgus Solon: Sources of/about Solon: - poetry attributed to Solon -- (most trustworthy) - Herodotus 1.29-33 (not in Thucydides) - Aristotle - Constitution of the Athenians, Politics - Athenian orators - Plutarch’s Life of Solon (written in Roman Period) - the later they were written, the less credible they are - some are not accurate: Herodotus says solon left athens for 10 years so athenians couldnt put pressure on him to change laws he created. He supposedly visited Amasis in Egypt and Croesus in Sardis - Solon was archon in Athens 594/3 - Croesus was king of Lydia, 560-547 BC - Amsis was pharaoh in Egypt, 570-526 - therefore this is impossible because the dates dont line up. -Also coins weren’t minted in his time, which conflicts with a story about him manipulating coins and their worth instead of ridding of debts in Athens. - Council of 400: only evidence of it from aristotle and plutarch. isnt even mentioned in his own poetry, though most things that he did was mentioned in his own poetry. it is debated that it even exists. - Why would this be made up? - Council of 500 did exist, and is most democratic institutions, made by Cleisthenes - Council of 400 would seem like a proper predecessor In 411BC, there was a council of 400 created as an oligarchic counter-revolution: - cancellation of pay for political office - list of 5000 wealthiest athenians - council of 400, run athens (interim government) - some political killings, fear and suspicion - at the point of formation theyre losing the peloponnesian war - Oligarchs in athens^ want to appeal to some sort of authority - wasn’t to appear to be going back to tradition, not fear-mongering - could be the incentive to make up the original council of 400?
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