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Description Lecture 1 Professor: Christopher Wallace - [email protected] Office Hours: Thursday 2-4, LMB B06a Question: What do we mean by Greek History? What are the boundaries of Ancient Greece? o We cant use modern Greece because, for example, inhabitants of Crete werent actually Greek. o We cant define it as places where the Greeks colonized because thats a lot of area. o We cant define it as a place where Greek culture was influential, or where Alexander the Greats empire extended to. Types of History There are three ways (generally) to study history: o Political History Leopold Van Ranke believed that history was the act of inquiring and understanding how government came into power through Great Men. o Social History Focuses on normal people and the social forces that shape events - families, economics, and every-day life Considered to be a scientific history - where you gather numbers and show what the numbers are. More objective o Cultural History combines linguistic theory with the point that a writer has no control over the meaning of his writing after he has written it. made the practice of history pointless. At the same time, it made history more relevant than ever before, especially with ancient history. Michel Foucalts theory is that knowledge is a discourse of power. This made history a powerful tool because you could write history however you felt like it, using it to your power. For example, African Americans should be in charge because the USs government is based on Greek history and that Greek History is based off the Egyptians of Africa. This didnt work too well because it could be used to state that the Holocaust never happened. www.notesolution.comThe project of history is a genre of literature. It does involve Fiction. History is fictional - take a fairly loose bag of data and shape it into something recognizable and understandable
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