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The Athenian Empire

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Dimitri Nakassis

Wednesday November 211Introduction to Greek HistoryD NakassisThe Athenian EmpireThe Pentakontaetia479432 BC50 years between Persian and Peloponnesian Wars Persian war proper starts in 432SourcesHerodotusThucydides our main sourceAristotleConstitution of the AtheniansAthens acquires an empire during this time thanks to the Delian LeagueAthenian democracy moves more to the leftThucydidesStrategos in mid 420sScrews upunable to stop athenian lossIs exiled not ostracizedDuring this time presumably he writes his historiesFather was thracianthracian connectionsAthenian citizenWealthyGives extremely detailed info of Peloponnesian WarSometimes does no give very accurate datesSummarizes and corrects sources we no longer haveSiege of SestosAfter Mycale greeks sail to hellespont and destroy Xerxes bridgeSpartans see bridge isnt there they go there separate wayIonians again revolt lay siege to Siestas with AthensThey take Sestos in same summer that Persian Wars endSestos strategicIf you want to get to black sea major exporter of grain from aegean sea you have to cross at SestosAthenian FortificationsSparta didnt want Athens to build walls and want all walls taken downso that when the persians come they would bot have any strong placeAlso worried about Athenian powerThemistocles tricks spartans delaying them and his Athenians build fortifications around citySpartans annoyed but not displeasedpleased by bravery in Persian WarWant things to go back to how they were before the warPiraeus FortificationsAthenian fortified port3 harbors493477 BC it is fortified
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