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Peloponnesian War

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University of Toronto St. George
Dimitri Nakassis

Wednesday November 1611Introduction to Greek HistoryD NakassisPeloponnesian War431404 BCBiased as most of our sources are Atheniantherefore Peloponnesian WarDependent to a large degree on Thucydides2 types of reasonscauses for this warCauses of compliantAnd then the real cause growth of power in athensTriremesLight strong skinnyAbout 9 feet wideAbout 200 men per ship 170 rowersPlus troops 10 hoplites 4 archersWoodsilverfir fir pine cedar oak etcOars were expensive almost exclusively silverfir5 drachmas for an oar 170 rowers850 drachmas3 years wages35 tons of wood for one triremePitch and resin to seal and make seaworthyalso comes from treesRopes and sails of flax and papyrusRowers from lowest classes or slavesslave wages usually go to their ownerCommanders are trierarchsEither pay minimum or go over the topAthens goes out of its way to get best rowersWhen spartans get persian money their offer big sums for best rowersApollodorus and the trierarchy 360358 BCSpeech about outfitting trireme to talk about how awesome he isAthensAthens would have needed to secure good light sources of woodNot available in athensBest wood in Macedonia Thrace and ItalyAthenian activity in this war has strong interest in securing wood especially from MacedoniaFounded There and AmphipolisFirst thing they do with Delian League is take Eion near AmphipolusAmphipolis was good source of woodEpidamnus and PotidaeaEpidamnus is CorinthianCorcyrian colonyDispute between the twoAthenian strategy maintain naval superiority based on triremesPerhaps Athenian interest in Epidamnus Corcyra and Potidaea is linked to wood resourcesAthens interested in access to italy and North Eastern Aegean metals wood grain
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