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Lecture 1: Roman Foundation Myths & Self-Image

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Glenn Wilkinson

Roman Foundation Myths & Self-Image Livy  60 BCE – 12 CE  Born in Padua in northern Italy  Made his name in Rome  History of Rome was his greatest work o Gives multiple conflicting accounts of history o Repeats his predecessors o His material was presented vividly o He wrote  For a contemporary audience  At a critical junction in history  For a contemporary purpose  To provide models of virtue Aeneas  A character of the Iliad  Trojan prince  Demigod  Notable for his piety  Fled troy after it fell  Other writers created sequels to the Iliad containing Aeneas  Arrived in western Italy  Alliance through marriage with native king Latinus  Founded Lavinium  Soon after attacked by Etruscans  Latinus dies during the first attack  Aeneas combines the Trojans and the natives, naming them the Latins after Latinus  Aeneas dies during another Etruscan attack Romulus (and Remus)  Descendants of Aeneas  Born in Alba Longa  Great uncle usurped the throne and ordered all his brother’s descendants killed  Romulus and Remus thrown down a river but was saved by a she-wolf and was raised by a shepherd  Eventually it is revealed that Romulus and Remus are the rightful heirs to the throne  Killed their uncle and put their grandfather on the throne of Alba Longa
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