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Lecture 4: Roman Expansion in Italy and War with Pyrrhus

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Glenn Wilkinson

Roman Expansion in Italy and War with Pyrrhus Roman Expansion in Central Italy  Latin Federation o By the end of the monarchy, Rome was the most powerful state in Latium o Rome had a leadership position in a federation of Latin cities th o In 5 century, the federation managed to drive back the highlanders from the Apennines th  4 Century Expansion o Every year a military campaign took place o Early conquest of Veii ~396 BCE  Upper class allowed to become romans  Lower class was done away with (killed, enslaved)  City was refounded as a roman satellite o Some cities instead of waiting to be attacked, they requested subjugation o Rome established colonies at crucial locations (road intersections, bodies of water, etc.  The Latin War o 2 important cities Tiber and Praeneste, fearing Roman aggression, joined forces with the Volsci and some of Campania and Gauls in an Anti-Roman Alliance o The Gauls managed to invade, known as Sack of Rome, it had no lasting consequences but was the only time Rome was invaded by foreign powers o 341-338 BCE, Romans fought three major battles with the alliance, they won all of them. The defeated Latins were allowed full roman citizenship, Volsci and Campanians given the same, but were not allowed to vote o These new cities could not negotiate with foreigners, they could only negotiate through Rome o Also, they needed to contribute manpower to Rome’s military, thereby growing Rome’s military power while acquiring more territory o Rome did this with all cities they conquered, those who refused were killed or enslaved o By 270 BCE Rome controlled Etruria and Umbria, this caught the attention of powers outside of Rome and Italy Excursus: The Helle
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