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Lecture 7

Lecture 7: Beginnings of Empire: Roman Conquests in West and East

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Glenn Wilkinson

Beginnings of Empire rd nd Beginnings of an Empire in the Western Mediterranean (3 -2 century BCE)  The First Punic War resulted in Rome acquiring Sicily, Rome’s first non-mainland territory took islands of Sardinia and Corsica from Carthage soon after  Shortly before Second Punic War Rome took control of Northern Italy, south of the alps, from the Cisalpine Gauls  Over the course of the 2nd century B.C. – Cisapline Gaul gradually came under firm Roman control  Rome also gained control over southern France, taking the land from the Transalpine Gaul  During the Second Punic War, Rome conquered the Iberian tribes  149, in north Africa, during the Third Punic War, Rome underwent a prolonged siege against Carthage that spanned over 2 years  In 146, Rome destroyed Carthage and razed it to the ground rd nd Roman Expansion in the East (Late 3 century – Early 2 century BCE)  Roman‐controlled Territory in Illyria (from 229 BCE) o Between the first two Punic Wars, Rome began to expend eastward territory on the edge of Illyria, which caught the attention of the Greeks o In 216, Rome was distracted by Hannibal, giving King Phillip V of Macedon a chance to interfere with Rome in Illyria o In 215, Rome intercepted a ship carrying a signed treaty between Hannibal and Philip V was could possible change everything o Discovery of the ship sparked the First Macedonian War  First Macedonian War (215‐205 BCE) o 215 BC Rome was spread too thin between Hannibal in Italy and Scipio in Spain o To compensate for their lack of manpower, Rome made a treaty with Aetolian League, a major enemy of Macedonia o This was successful for several years until 207 BC, when Philip V launched an invasion to Aetolia, forcing the Aetolians to surrender o A full-scale war not possible for Rome, thus, a peace settlement between Macedon and Rome was made o Romans accomplished their primary goal in the First Macedonian war, to prevent Macedon from giving aid to Carthage o At this point, the Romans were well on way to victory in Second Punic War  Second Macedonian War (200‐196 BCE) o In 201, Macedon came in
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