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Kevin Wilkinson

Beginnings of an Empire Roman-Controlled territory in Illyria (from 229 BCE)  In the year 216, the king of Macedon (Philip V) began to interfere with roman interests in Illyria  In 215, Rome managed to intercept an enemy ship that was carrying a signed treaty between King Philip V and Hannibal First Macedonian War (215-205 BCE)  Treaty between Hannibal and Philip V sparked the war  Wanted to open war in the third front o Launched a naval expedition that successfully blew off Macedonians off the Adriatic Sea  Romans made a treaty with the Aetolian league, and asked if they got fight the Macedonians  Philip V launched an attack in Aetolia, and they were forced to surrender in 206 BCE  Peace between Macedon and Rome in 205 BCE  From the roman perspective, it did prevent Macedon from helping Hannibal in Italy Second Macedonian War (200-196 BCE)  In 201, Macedon came into conflict with Athens and with the kingdom of Pergamum o These cities petition Rome for help  Rome decided to jump right into Greece  In 200, sent an army that started from southern Macedon  All the free Greek cities south of Macedon supported Rome during this conflict  In 196, the Rome came to an end with an easy victory of the roman army over Philip B of Macedon o However, did not remove him from power but forced him to stay out of Greece  Also imposed a large debt  In the Isthmian games in 196, the Romans declared the cities of Gr
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