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Lecture 20

Lecture 20 Literature

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Glenn Wilkinson

Lecture 20 (November 1) Augustus' Successors – Continuation - His plans were not going well – previous successors were his nephew, who died, and his friend, who also died - Tiberius • Augustus did not have any children with his second wife, but she did bring two children; the oldest was Tiberius (30) in 12 B.C.;Augustus shared his tibunition and power with him • He convinced him to divorce his wife and marry Julia (he wanted someone from his blood line), her 3 arranged marriage • It was a complete disaster; they could not stand each other, they had one child who died as an infant • Tiberius decided that he was going to leave Rome all together • 6BC, he left Julia and went to Rhodes; Julia got to live a slice of freedom, then she was exiled by Augustus for adultery - Gaius and Lucius • The abdication did not botherAugustus since he still had his grandchildren who were growing older; they had started to obtain military experience, designated to hold the consulship when they were 20 (both of them) • 1 A.D., they died under mysterious circumstances, Gaius might have been killed by Livia to promote her son Tiberius – if so, then her plan worked • Octavian had no choice but to summon Tiberius back, bestowing him imperium and tirbunition power - Tiberius again • Augustus still lived for another 10 years; dying in 14A.D. • Tiberius assumed his unique powers • Augustus assumed virtual absolute power, showing a facade of constitutionality; and passed this to a successor – made it appear legal Latin Literature - Not until the 2 century BC that they develop what we consider literature; when they started expanding into the Greek world, a much older culture (more literate) st - At first educated Romans simply translated Greek literature; in the mid-1 century B.C., they started making their own, similar to Greek but still their own - Catullus was one of the first - His poems belong to the 50s B.C.; died around the age of 30; his short life fell at a memorable time of Roman history; he came from Verona (Cisalpine Gaul); though he lived in Rome; an equestrian, like Cicero, or Marius - He is most famous for his love poems to Lesbia, not her real name - Catullus, poem 2; sparrow might be his penis - Poem 5, most famous; seize the day loving each other - Poem 58, troubles in their relationship; accusing her of running around the streets sleeping with other men - Poem 79; her brother is Claudius Pulcher; who had his status changed to plebeian and had Cicero exiled, and had the street gangs; therefor Lesbia is his sister Claudia; widely rumoured that they had an incestuous relationship, precisely what Catullus is mentioning in this poem - She was his lover, the lover of her brother, and lover of many other men - Poem 107, perhaps they had a happy ending, or it could be fantastical for Catullus - Poem 29; Mamurra had served with P
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