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Lecture 9

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Victoria Wohl

Greek lecture 9 Part 1 of midterm- short answer (names and terms)- 10 of those (20 points) Part 2- short answer (paragraph) choice of 4 out of 5 – 10 points each Part 3- essay, choice one out of two questions o Were they are geographically the Athenians have to fight the Persians o Greece was saved by the Athenians; they drove back the Persian king, they had no choice but to stand and fight o Athenian had a great navy, but it was a low job to be a “rower” in the navy; the win brought pride to the “lower” ppl such as these rowers; democracy is born- “we also helped to fight the Persians” o Darius is ruling the Ionians but they are Greek; they revolt against the Persian empire o The Spartans decline to send aid but the Athenians do send help; they help the Ionians in the revolution and they decide to keep going and march on to Sardis and they burned it down o From then on, the leader of Persia, Darius hates Athens (and ask Zeus to punish them) “remember the Athenians”- his servant o 490 Darius sets out to get the Athenians, arrive off the coast of marathon o The Athenians had never faced this challenge on its own land o Marathon is important for the Athenian sense of self – marathonnonnakhol ; the fighters at marathon o The men that died were given the unique and hallowed honor of being buried on the battle field o Gave chance for what Greek stood for; won with their innate virtue o They gave their religious excuse- as they didn’t want to anger the god and therefore they could miss the battle- o After this is over; they send to Delphi to try to figure out how to make this not happen again; it tells them to flee; the Athenians didn’t like this response; so they went back to Delphi, it tells them that there is one hope; “the wooden wall alone will not fail” o The mistocles; the wall of wood is Athens ships; his interpretation is that the fleet will protect them o They found a silver mind in Laurium; so this money goes towards making a new fleet of ships o The mistocles also convinces them to fortify the “long walls”; build huge walls connecting them to the Piraeus (making them into an island) o Athens navy power has lasting repercussions; basis for the democracy and other uses in time o This de
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