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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 and 8

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

CLA232 Lecture 7Main thing that united Greeks was that they werent not Greeksbarbarians Foreigners helped define Greeks as Greeks o Defined them by geography lived in Asia divided by Hellespont but Greeks also lived in Asia Minor so no perfect explanation also defined by language barbarianbarbaroi foreign languages sound like gibberish to GreeksCultural differences ie what ate form of government most important to GreeksProblem with cultural differences is Greeks seem to have borrowed from the Persians ie alphabet symposium certain cults Differences never determined by race skin colour GenosraceGreeks didnt think racial differences interesting Persian Wars 490480 BCTrojan WarTrojans ancestors of the Persians but in the Illiad shows a lot of sympathy for the Trojans the Trojans are seen as their own peoplewith integrity By classical period the Persians are just antiGreeks complete opposite of GreeksPersia invaded Greece Greece wins o Important win for Greece made a mark for itself in the Mediterranean gave them new sense of unity strength and superiority Herodotus wrote history of Persian WarsTells story of conflict and the learning of cultural differencescultural contact o Show how cultural differences are both cause of conflict and part of the stakes of the warOrigin of conflict bw Persians and Greeks o Phoecians came to Argos to sell goods and ended up stealing Io Greeks then steal Europa sp and Medea Persians eventually take Helen and cause the Trojan WarGood way to bridge cultural differences is marriage while snatchingraping is a negative cultural interaction o Phoecians tells the story that Io slept with captain and gets pregnant so must run off with them o There is a lot of myth in the story ie To Helen MedeaHerodotusfather of history father of liesNo clear line between personal and poltical Persians blame Greeks for Trojan Waro Vital differences in culture concerning HelenHerodotus gives all versions of how it started not just Greeks and even though he is Greek tells Persian POV equally as wellRejects woman snatching as real reason thinks real reason is Croesus of Lydia first foreigner to come into contact with Greeks lived 2 generations before Persian War began
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