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2 lecture sept 13

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Victoria Wohl

Greek culture- lecture two  Athens is referred to as Attica  Autochthony: (comes form the Greek word, earth and its self)- coming from the earth/people are born from the earth  Myth to show this – about Athena; the god of blacksmith/crafts man wanted to have sex with Athena (virgin goddess), he chased her and prematurely ejaculated on Attica and Ericthonios (guy form the earth) was born  This myth; why would we want to be born from the earth – gives legitimacy to the land and their relationship to it (mother land), offers exclusivity (hard to become an Athenian citizen…), “blood tie” to native soil, can allow hostility to other Greeks, and allows strong bond for those of the same “earth”, idea of “virgin birth” – aka big deal;  This ideas related to women; surplus sequential citizens- normal Greek women cannot have a virgin birth… so this is “degrading. Or can we been seen as relating women to “mother earth”  Athens also thought it was special was do to democracy; it wasn’t always a democracy- but in 510 BCE they kicked out their “tyrant” and created a “radical” or direct democracy.  In our democracy to say our opinions, we vote for ppl who represent us (representative democracy)  The ppl in Athens are the government; demokratia (power and sovernity, and the ppl)  All the citizens of Athens would participate in and 6000 to win the vote  Did not have to be “land owning” to vote  The aristocrats were unhappy with the democracy  The funeral reading:  To commenerate the dead  Given after the first year of war (Sparta and Athens 430-431 BCE) to commentate the dead from the war  The Greek name for the reading “epitaphios Logos” (speech over the grave)  Over the tombs of the dead  Even adapts a older tradition – warriors that died for the caused and given “immortal glory” (Illiad)- “Kleos” (glory)  Achilles kleos has lived on  In this speech no Athenian is mentioned by name; this tradition by Homer is democratized – to the whole community  Why are their so few details about the war? - To lure more people into joining the war, and “we are Athens” type deal. Creates an idealization, motivation  Pericles gave the speech; was a popular figure at that time; presents himself as very vig
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