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Lecture 7

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Regina Hoeschele

CLA 232 Lecture 7 February 25 , 2014 Ancient Heroes/Sex and Gender and Erotic Lyric -Iliad and odyssey present two different types of Greek heroes: Achilles is more a fighter, Odysseus uses wit -Aristea (?) -Hellenistic lit is extremely self-conscious – aware of the fact that they come after the moments of great Greek lit, conscious about the medium of the written book (previous works were oral), shouldn’t try to write big epics (“big evil”) -Prequels are common Jason and the Argonauts (The Argonautica) - Written by Apollonius - Takes place before the Trojan war, however Odyssey was written first - Story of the quest for the golden fleece - Ino convinces husband to sacrifice children from his other marriage, children are saved by a golden ram, helle (one of the children) falls into the water (where we get the term Hellespont [Aiton story]), other child (Phrixos) makes it - Jason one of the descendants of Aiolos like Helle and Phrixos, uncle makes Jason go get the fleece because he thinks he’ll never be able to do it and the uncle will be king - Argonautica = sailors of the Argo - Mention of the Argo in the Odyssey (12.61-72) - Full of origin stories Medea - Portrayed as an innocent young girl - Important text = Tragedy of Medea by Euripedes o Kills her children by Jason when he leaves her for another woman, flies off on a chariot made of snakes o This text also came before the Argonautica Herakles or Jason? - When electing a leader people want Herakles but he tells them to pick Jason - More democratic leader with Jason – asks them for help and counsel o Ex. Needs help from Medea to get fleece - Reflection of literature between the lines – (?) - Dismissal of Hercules = dismissal of traditional hero - Jason is a love hero The Argonautic Journey - Book 1: Journey East: from Iolkos via Lemnos and the Hellespont (loss of Hercules and Mysia) - Book2: REST ON SLIDE SEX AND GENDER LECTURE -Most phallic statues serve to ward off evil/fertility -Priapus =god of sex(?) Greek Herms - Cult images for Hermes - Hipparchus erected 150 herms throughout Attica o Inscribed herm with wise saying Ancient Sexuality - Sex did not equal sin - Aphrodite and Eros were important deities to be worshiped - No real concept of homosexual, heterosexual etc. Gender - Sex=biological, Gender=social construct - more about power relation than gender - active and passive roles o males = active since they are penetrators o females = passive since they are penetrated -
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