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Victoria Wohl

Ernie Tam20120111Lecture2AtticaAutochtonymyth of people who were born from the land earth Athenians were born from the earth itselfoPerverted story The God of Blacksmith fell in love with Athena patron God of Athens Athena is a virgin god and does not sleep with anyone When the God of Blacksmith fell on her Athena ran away The God of blacksmith preejaculated and his sperm fell onto the earth which created enchtonios oThis story explains how humans were born on this earth also born from virgin mothers The myth of Enchtonios What are the consequences of that story oAttached to the land If other people tried to take it over you would defend your land to the end oYou attitude towards foreigners is probably going to be arrogant We are superior to foreigners who would never have the same qualities oWe were born from the Goddess of Athena and from the earth oIt was hard to marry You needed parents both Athenians to have a child to be considered an AthenianoIf you married a foreigner your child would not be AthenianoYour attitudes towards other Athenians would be close brothers and sisters of the same earthoAttitudes towards women would be hostile Athenian women arent virgins like Athena We are earth born Athens in the classical period was a democracy but that has not always been the case Archaic Period oThis was a great period of revitalization and great wealth During Archaic period there were many tyrants and aristocrats ruling the city thUp until the 6 century it was ruled by a tyrant oIn 510 BCE end of sixth century Athenian democracy was established Democracy 510 BCE Direct democracy radical democracy oNo distance between people and the government The people are the governmentoALL decisions are made directly by the peopleoEvery decision in Athens war raise taxes and every single political decision is made by an assembly of Athenian citizens At least 6000 of them votes yes or no oEvery citizen gets to hold political office Athenians every office was chosen by lots Pick a name out of a hat and rotated around Every citizen had the chance to be on counsel and be leader Every citizen participated directlyIt was the government of the people demokratia Kratos sovereignty of the demos ordinary citizens
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