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Lecture#3-Men, Gods, Beasts

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Victoria Wohl

Ernie Tam20120116Lecture3MenGods BeastsGods and Mortals In relation to the gods Greek men are inferiorMotals are always inferior to gods oAchilles who fought against monstersoArachnerivaled Athena goddess of craft and entered the competition for weaving beautiful tapestries Athena turned Aracne into a SPIDER bc she was jealous of ArachneoHumans can rival gods but as Athena shows Gods always prevail and comes up on top In all the things that limit us hardships and sufferings The God wer uniquely good for thinking about humanity bc they were similar and different than humans oGods dont have blood Gods dont eat normal human food these are the differences between God and Humans oGod are all powerful and immortal Power over their particular realm Aphrodite goddess of lovedesire AthenaWeavercraft goddess Poseidon God of Sea Aries God of War Gods have absolutely power over a certain element and over humans AnthropomorphismMortal vs immortal Human beings were thriatoi those who are going to die The gods were athanatoiGods might suffer for their mortals weep for them but theyre going to live on Eos goddess of the dawn fell in love with a beautiful young man Tithonus snatched him up to be her bf She asked Zeus to give eternal life to Tithonus so that they can be together She forgot to ask for one more favor Eternal youth He does live forever but he becomes very oldillustrates that age and mortality is part of human life SimilaritiesGreek Religion is anthropomorphism oHaving human shapeo Greeks imagined their gods not to only have human shape but also to have human emotions desires motivations We see examples of this Homers IlliadoTrojans and Greeks fought Gods watching them and rooting for their team oGreeks vs Trojans many gods have sons down in the war oGods are vested in human affairs But cannot suffer the same ways as humans do bc they are immortal
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