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Lecture#4-Odeipus the King

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Victoria Wohl

Ernie Tam20120118Lecture 4Odeipus the KingAnother difference between Gods and humans is that we do not have the ability to predict the futureGods have ways to find out about the future In the Theogany there is a scene where Prometheus tricked ZeusIs Zeus really deceived or a larger plan for mankind oZeus let himself be tricked Goes along with this deception by punishing men in the future with the creation of womenoReaffirmation between God and HumansGods have knowledge humans dont The Limits of human knowledgeZeus and the Gods are never in the form of humans Human knowledge is limited and it defines our existence What kinds of things do mortals not know in this play oWho killed the last King of ThebesoThey dont know the future oWhats causing the pain oHe doesnt know if Creon is telling the truth or not Humans in this play dont know about the past present future or whats going to happen What if EPietectus found out who he really was Call in a prophet and ask for prophecies Call in the eye witnesses and ask the shepherds what happened In antiquity there are two religious means by which humans try to overcome their limits Prophecy oTeiresias example from the play oSeer Comes from seeing Sees and knows the truth Two examples of prophecies Some of these seers were thought to have intimacy with gods aka holy spirit in apostles oCassandraShe was a Trojan princess whom Apollo fell in love with He offered her prophecy and when she refused to have sex with him He made it no one would ever believe her prophecies She would go into the trance with Apollo in her to speak in a trance state Reading the cosmos someone who can read the signs and predict the future
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