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Victoria Wohl

classics 232 1112012 91100 AM Reading from last time funeral 430431 BCE right after 1st year of Peloponnesian warfighting between Athens and Sparta To memorolize the dead Key wordsAttica autochthony Erichthonios son of Athena and HephaestusPeople are the government and all decisions made by the people every political decision made by assembly of Athenian citizens Vote put out to them and they say yes or no that is a direct government Every citizen has a chance to hold a position in the government Demokratia democracy Demos kratos direct democracy Old Elitesruled in the archaic period no longer have their power now Now felt disgruntled had a different take on demokratia they were unhappy with it They instead wanted an aristokratia aristocracySpeech argument epitophioslogos Kleos glory Pericles prominent figure in AthensThucydidesCourage manliness freedom discipline rationality pride openness social equityKalokagathia abstact ending in greek means no villainkalos agathos good noble beautiful excellent Freedom eleutheriaEleutheros man who has freedomDominate other greeksto protect eleutheria Freedom depends on being courageousAndreia military aner one way to express is by becoming lovers of the city so becoming in love with AthensPederasty Erastes love of older men to boys Pericles we create our own kleos women have no part they have a totally different ideal So greates ideal for women is to be totally anonymous women has no access to kleos Best she can hope for is to give birth to an Athenian male Whole world becomes memorial to our excellence pericles speechPerfect Athenian is a dead one
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