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Lecture#9-Greeks and Barbarians (Herodotus 7.1-139)

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

Ernie Tam20120206Lecture9Greeks 1and Barbarians Herodotus 71139During this time period Greeks were very united Herodotus gives us a long listMedize mede were the sub group of Persians Polis especially in the Northern Greece had to decide are we going to stick to the Greeks When Persians first attacked by land the Spartan strategy was to pull all the Greeks into the Peloponnese and built a wall at Corinth every time push comes to shove the Spartans always did that The Athenians were north of the war and were in trouble They did not have this option and had to face the Persians themselves When the Persians came to invade they HAD to fight the Persians and had no chance Section 139 Chapter 7 Herodotus has an opinion about the Athenians calling them braveIt was a defining moment for Greece In Athens for example great victory over Persians was fought by sea their powerful navy defeated Persians oThat allowed the Navy lowest class had the highest prestige for being in the Navy this is what brought about Athenian democracywe were the ones who beat the Persians Herodotus accounts for the war between Persia and Athens with internal stories struggle within Sparta and Athens oBoth sides had their own internal stakes in the battle oHerodotus gives the history of the Persian wars from the beginning to the end Herodotosus shapes his facts to tell history like a tragedy He puts a trageic spina story of Persian ambition and arrogance and their eventual punishment by GreeksGods Tragedieswas one that Greece were very familiar with oMany tragedies were structured by an individual who overextends himself to achieve something It gives meaning to these events
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