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Lecture on Feb. 6th

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Victoria Wohl

thFebruary 6 LecturePersia Wars 490480 BCGreeks came together Became major player in Mediterranean Moment to define poleis and difference between themMedesubpart of Persians o Medizeto go over to the PersiansThose who did so had itheld against themDifferentiated between those who Medized and those who didnto But also Sparta vs AthensDifferent ideas about how to defend GreeksGreeceSpartan strategypull all Greek forces into the Peloponnese y Build wall at Corinth and Persia cant get throughBut Spartan strategy doesnt work for Athenians because Athens will be left undefended y So Athens had to face Persian because of their geography o According to Herodotus did so bravelyHerodotus said Athens saved Greece o Herodotus NOT Athenian hes saying this as a historian o Athenians used this as leverage against Spartans to create their empirePersian Wars defining for Athens and poleis and the structures of the poleis o Naval battle Salamisnavy allowed them to beat the Persians o In the navylow classes rowingso after Salamis they get all this prestigeThis partly causes rise of democracy o Not just victory for Greece but also for structures in GreeceNo history is neutral o Herodotus shapes his facts o Herodotus shapes his story to make it sound like Greek tragedyWhole wars play out as tragedy y Persian want for conquestthen theyre taught a lesson o Croesus is small story of overall story of PersiaThis tragedy plotline is typicalGreek audience very familiar with this plot line y But also gives meaning to the war y Moral weight y Story of arrogance and its punishment instead of just a story about military conquest Ionian Revolt 499 BCIoniansGreeks sent out as colony from mainland o Ruled by DariusBut want freedomRevolt against Persians for freedom
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