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Herodotus Lecture notes- apologies for mis-spelling

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Victoria Wohl

Herodotus IMoving onto relationships between Greeks and BarbariansThe concept of Greece as a whole was an easy concept a collection of different polis that were as much different as they were the same What makes us a nation One thing was language All of these different polis spoke some version of the Greek language They would speak it with a heavy accent We know that this is a fact in Aristophanes Spartans speak with a doric accentThe polis were united by the Greek language despite their accent also by certain panhelletic beliefs We talked about Delphi Olympics were another tradition even the Theogony one important way the Greeks defined themselves was contrasting them against nonGreeks These major differences united all the Greek cities In some ways we could say it is the foreigner who defines the Greek as Greeks then the question becomes what defines the foreigner one thing that defines the foreigner was geography AS far as the greeks are concerned things were divided Europe and Asia What the Greeks think of it is what we think of near east and middle east today Asia and Europe were divided by the black sea The Hellespoont played a major role in the conflict between Asia and Europe Geography asia vs Europe was one way of telling whether you were a Greek or barbarian Along Asia minor thre were a bunch of Greeks since the 6th or 7th centuries Greeks called Ionioans Along the asian side there were Ionian Greeks living origin of Persian war Language was another difference between Greeks and Barbarians The world barbarian comes the word barbaroi All non Greeks were called barbaroi When they speak it sounds to a Greek ear they sound like theyre saying bar bar bar etc nonsenseMost importantly there were cultural differences and these mattered the most to theGreeks These could be minor things like food and clothing or major things like governmental structure For the Greeks these cultural differences were really what mattered in determining the differencesbetween Greeks and others The Greeks werent really interested in racial difference When they talk of Barbarians Persians Egyptians etc They do use the word race which in Greek is genos Today when we think of race it has a lot to do with physical characteristics Greeks were much more interested in the differences in terms of cultural aspects ie They were interested in how Egyptians wear different clothing from them They knew about racial difference but were just not really that intersted What really defined barbarian was teh cultural differencesSome of the most central institutions of the Greek polis seemed historically to be borrowed from the east The polis is the central organizational structure of Greece When written scripts were introduced they were borrowed from the Phoenicians The Symposia was a defining feature for the Greeks it was really one of the things that made them superior to the savages defined them as a civilization Some believed that some things were borrowed from the Lydians Cultural differences are absolutely vital for defining a barbarian and therefore for defining a Greek All the lines that the Greeks draw between themselves and the other are much less cut and dry than the Greeks might have wanted This means that Greeks might
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