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Persian Wars

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Victoria Wohl

oRemember that the difference between two cultures is how you define happiness recall story of Creosus and Solon Also remember that the difference between the Greeks and the Barbarians is how Greeks defined themselves Herodotus really tells the differences that will lead to the Persian war and will be the states in the waroGreek wisdom travels through Persia and comes back to its Greek audienceCultural Difference and Cultural ConflictoHe is interested in cultural difference and how they lead to conflict as they do in the Persian wars oWe will be looking at the Ethnography on both sides He is looking at how these ethnographic differences result in war ALWAYS looking at culture and war Essentially Two are divided in history Books 14 are discussing the ethnography all the different cultures that will be involved As the Persian forces start to develop we will learn all about these forces that were part of the Persian empire Part of his thesis is that culture both causes and explains war and that war can reveal and affect culture Culture and war ethnography and history are complexly intermeshed in his text Herodotus does not just give us a xenophobic perspective rather he tries to see the Persians in their own terms and even more radically to see the Greeks through the eyes of the other There is this complex interaction between the twoBackground of PersiansoIt seems like Asia came out of the dark ages and so in the archaic period when Greece started revitalizing it looked to Asia due to its richness The Greeks looked up to the Persians as a cultural model at the time Aristocratic Greeks imitated the Persians in their way of life Greeks were borrowing some of their cultural attributes from the Persians Even allete practices like the symposia were borrowedoAfter the Persian wars dividing line between Archaic and Classic period Persians came to signify everything that is nonGreek antiGreek All things positive in the Archaic period become negative in the classic period They think that these people are ruled by tyrantsruled by slaves oStereotypical expression this vase is called the Eurymedon Vase This was probably made after the battle of Eurymedon It has a statement instructed on it I am Eurymedon I stand bent over Greeks often represent themselves naked on their vases even in military sitautions But why Beauty representing manliness we have nothing to hide what you see is what you get honestyEurymedon is a PersianPersians are always reprsented wearing trousersThe spotting represents the fanciness of their clothes either its an animal skin kind of dressy Posture is important
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