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Hesiod's 'Theogony'

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

CLA232 Men, Gods, Beasts Monday January 17 2011h Hesiod Theogony Gods as others different than the other kinds of others (foreigners, slaves, women), because to the others they are superior, but to the Gods theyre inferior Comparing ones self to the Gods is dangerous, because Gods are always superior to mortals, and mortals must never forget that So why compare yourself to the Gods if youre always going to come out inferior? This is a useful form of alterity too, because it helps human beings think about their limitations Thinking about the Gods helped the Greeks come to terms with those limitations and the hardships of human existence Greek gods were uniquely good for thinking about humanity because they were both similar to and different than men The differences: Gods have infinite power (over the land, over mortals (the hierarchy of god over mortal trumps man over woman) Gods live forever Myth of Eos and Tithonus, Eos goddess of Dawn falls in love with mortal Tithonus Eos asks Zeus to make Tithonus immortal, but she forgets to ask for him to have eternal youth, so he ends up aging and shrivelling up Gods and Mortals Anthropomorphism Imagining the gods in the shape of humans Not only their physical bodies but also having human emotions, motives, and psychology Story ofSarpedon , a human son of Zeus, one of the great warriors of the Trojans, struck by an arrow, Zeus looks down and sees his son on the battlefield perishing, cant take watching it and wants to make him immortal, but Hera is wife says of
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