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Herodotus Sections 7.1 - 139

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

CLA232 Greeks and Barbarians Monday February 7 2011th Herodotus Histories 7.1 - 139 90 minutes Part 1: Short Answer, 10 questions, 20 points totals, terms, dates, names Part 2: Longer short answer: paragraphs, like the questions on the site Part 3: Essay Question, 1 of 3 questions Persian Wars First time since the Trojan War that Greece had to work together as a united force Defining moment for Greece as a force in the Mediterranean Time of self-definition for the different poleis within Greece Paradox: although it united Greece together, it also highlighted the differences between the poleis Helping the Persians were held against those poleis for decades afterwards For Herodotus, the Persian Wars most importantly showed the differences between Sparta and Athens Sparta, much further South than Athens, pursued a policy of blocking off the passage towards them to prevent the Persians to get to them Athens didnt have this choice, they had to battle Herodotus believes that if the Athenians, through fear of the approaching danger had abandoned their country or surrendered to Xerxes, the Persian invasion of Greece would have succeeded, and so he believes that Athens saved the Greeks Athens, because of their geographical location, fought the Persians and according to Herodotus opinion, saved all of Greece from the Persians Athens would use this is a way to justify their power after the Persian War So, the wars defined Greece as a whole and also the poleis themselves, as well as individual factions within the poleis, especially within Athens The most defining moment for Athens was the Battle of Salamis, and also for the Athenian navy (powered by the lowest classes) who then agitated for more political rights So the Persian Wars also fed Athenian democracy
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