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Hippocrates Airs, Waters, Places

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Victoria Wohl

CLA232 Greeks and Barbarians Wednesday February 9 2011h Hippocrates Airs, Waters, Places Midterm 10 11:30 Part 1: Extremely short answers: one wordone sentence answers *spelling counts! Example: Who whipped the Hellespont and what vice does that represent? Xerxes and hubris 10 of these questions, worth 2 points each Part 2: Pretty short answers: One paragraphs Kind of questions on the reading guides Example: How is Odysseus represented in contrast to the Cyclopes Avoid plot summary, focus on analysis Choose 4 out of 5 questions, 10 points year Part 3: Essay. Choose 1 out of 2 topics Very broad, youll be able to choose which texts to focus on Graded by: 1. Structure of the argument: Do you have a clear and focused thesis statement? Did you argue your thesis? Did you draw logical conclusions? 2. Support and examples: Do you choose good examples to support your thesis? Do you explain how they support your thesis? Are these examples discusses with accuracy and detail. 3. Style, organization, and clarity of writing and argumentation 4. Originality: Points will be given for degree of difficulty. Dont just memorize lecture notes. We have been looking at the alterity between the Greek self and the barbarian other
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