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Hippocrates On airs, waters, and places

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Victoria Wohl

Hippocrates On airs, waters, and places February 9, 2011 Medicin tries to be objective but it always taking note of factors such as sex, race, ethnicity, age, healthy v unhealthy, etc. th Writing in 5 century bce, contemporary of Herodotus. Known as the father of greek medicine, origin of the Hippocratic oath. Oath: First, I shall not do harm. Set a guideline. Established the oath because it was just coming into existence so it needed to become better known and trusted. Vaguely differentiated from other areas such as religion if there was something wrong, they would go to the temple of Asclepius and sleep in it where they would have dreams to tell you what was wrong and how the doctors could cure you. God was thought to be the one curing you. Largely defining what we think of as medicine both as a theory and a practical. What makes medicine different from religion, coherent practice. His analysis of the Scithians impotency they think its just a gods curse, but Hippocrates claims that all diseases are natural, not divine, and credits it to other logic (albeit strange) factors. This is his application to all diseases, all natural and cause and effect. Believes they had to do with the balance of bodily fluids. A healthy body is a body in balance of hot and cold, hard and soft, wet and dry. Balance is tied to the environment. Very interested in the quality of water, temperature changes, air quality, wind direction and changes, does it change drastically, topography, direction of the town is facing, moistness. Connected the environment to the body ie moist climate makes a moist body. Used Greece as the standard. At the time, do
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