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Herodotus greek v barbarian

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Victoria Wohl

Greeks v barbarians January 31, 2011 Greece primarily associated with their polis, Greece as a secondary. Were concerned with what makes us Greeks when the cities all warred with each other? All spoke the same language with different dialects. Panhellenic institutions, Olympics. Hesiod attempted to create a panhellenic theogony showing unified religious belief and practice more or less. Internal unifiers. External factor defining themselves against non Greeks. More similar to each other than to the others of Asia. What defines the foreigner? Location, location, location! Hellespont Greece bridge body of water that separates the landmass of Greece and Asia. Greeks = Europe, barbarians= asian. Even this was not definite as there were many Greeks living in asia minor along the coast of turkey. Language was a big difference, a translator was needed for discussions with Lydians. barbaroi = sounds like bar bar bar language. Cultural differences including Persians being run by monarchs. Believed to reflect opinions and beliefs. Less clearcut than the Greeks like to believe. Greek alphabet from Phoenicians in Asia minor for example. A lot of overlap. Important differences were cultural to Greeks, not racial. Refers to ge
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