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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

thMarch 5 Lecture Medical TextsHippocratesHippocrates couldnt escape his culture no matter how objective hes trying to beTrying to explain difference between Greeks and foreignersTrying to ground nomos in physis o But nomos always affects his interpretation of physisSimilarity with medical textso As trying to understand sex gender roles made by culture keep creaping in o Trying to find a physis that explains nomos in women But resulting physis theory is influenced by nomos Here sex may already be gender o Ie Underlying biological differences may not be understood without previous gender explanationsSo when they explain sex theyre really describing genderMedical writersRange of authors different time periods th Hippocrates5 cent BCE Greece but from Asia Minor th Aristotle4 cent BCE wrote on everything nd Galen2 cent BCE under Roman EmpireYou can trace the evolution of thought down the three But here are still many similarities between the three tho wandering wombstill in medical texts in the 19 centuryhysteriawombAn emotional state is connected to their reproductive organs o Something wrong with women more than menGo to the doctor more often ideaWomen medical intervention is focused on their reproductive problemsMale DrFemale PatientProblemuntil recently all doctors were menSo in researchscientific evidencethey represented the female body as the way they see it o Women is an object of male observation o Theoristso The male is the observer and the female patient is the other Ie The woman is the object of observation like the Persians for Hippocrates o Men are seen as productive o Women are seen as passive unable to create anythingDifference between the sexes
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