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2012-02-15_Lecture#11-Euripides Medea.doc

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

20120215Lecture11Euripides MedeaMale and female relationship Greek male thought and the men were generals politicians etcGreek society was dominated by menMedea bridges barbarian men and female She is a witch female and barbarian Barbarian witch woman vs Jason Greek make hero 431 BCE Knowing this play which side do you think Euripides would come down on oTragedy would support the male side oThe audience would also be male dominated oVery little evidence of women present Evidence is contradictory If women were present there would be very few of them Why else would you expect Euripides to take the side of Jason instead of Medeas oEuripides is Greek he is a man He grew up in a culture that respects men over women oIt is a HEAVILY CIVIC occasion oSeats were subsidized and given that Athens prides itself on manliness we might expect that the play comes down the male sideIt is not as simple and nuanced Foreign women is more rational civilized and even superior to male Greek hero Same tension in gender with ethnicity On the one hand there is polar thinking
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