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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

Ernie Tam 20120227 Lecture12Men and WomenWhen a baby is born we ask is it male or female We divide the world between male and female men and womeno What makes a man a man is not a woman Theme of Alterity Greeks formulated the distinction between male and femaleDifference between sex and gender Sexanatomical male and femaleness sex reproductive organso Uterusfemale o Testesmaleo Something that you were born with physis look up The way that society interprets for the physical anatomical differencethat matters How does society interpreto Women carry children for 9 monthswomen are more nurturingwomen should stay at homeWomen should not have careers Raw data of biology gendero Social interpretation of sex Social conclusionsattributesjudgment to the anatomical differenceo Women wore makeup and men dont western societyo Gender is nomos social conventions that define male and femaleo One does not born a woman one becomes a woman adopting all the social rolesstereotypes is what makes you a woman Debate between women and sciencesTheogany origins of the difference between men and women Man was not created Human existence is defined not only in contrast to the Gods but also defined in contrast to women Man is not created but women were definitely created Her creation set definition of what was masculinityIn both Theogany and worksDays The birth of Pandora is tied to the story of Prometheus and the sacrifice tricko What does the creation of women have to do with the other elements of the story sacrifice stealing of fire etcWomen are deceitful Prometheus was sneaky in tricking Zeuso We need meat fire cook our food survival and women for reproductiono All three things are necessary which are represented as an ambivalent thingo A shame to need them If we didnt we would be gods Gods dont need to eatwork hard or even reproduce Unlike the Gods we need to procreate to keep the human race alive If we were immortal we would not need women Greeks blamed them for the need that we do need to procreate
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