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Victoria Wohl

Lecture13Men and womenQualities of Pandorao One of the qualities we talked about was deceptiono She looked beautiful on the outsidebut from the inside she was deceitfulo From Pandora onWe can no longer judge a woman based on her appearanceThe relationship between appearance and interioro Men spent most of their time doing politics wars etc which took place outsideo In our reading Xenophon is very suspicious of craftsman jobs craftsman have to sit inside all day and bc you have to sit inside all the time at the cobblers table it makes ruins your body and become feminineo Morally and socially good to be a farmer be outdoors o Have a wife to be inside inside the womans quarters as well The Ancient Greeks houses were organized around the central courtyard where there are streets going into court yard There were mens rooms symposium public place and inside the courtyard there were things like household activitiestho One speaker in 4 centurysaid he was assaulted on the street and came into his house and saw his nieces who had never seen a man before The ideal was that respectable women would not be seen and known by name by any man whom she was not related too One exception to this was religion women did participate in the religion of the city and go outside for religious festivals a lot of anxiety around this Division of space between interior and exterior individual but also interiorexterior on the outside o Upper class only had this division bc in the farm you need the wife to help out in shopping harvest etcSO cannot just have her inside the houseo This practice is limited by economic constraintso Euripides mother was a vegetable seller in the marketplace This ideal more so than reality is in Pandora as well Womens interior is mysterious and is not public They are different than men have their own space and reinforces genetic separation Even the idea of women as a separate race is enforced by this Bc women spent all their time inside their skin would be pale PALE skin showed that a woman was a virtuous and RESPECTFUL man this explains the color of mens skin and womens on vases red for the former and white for the latter bc of sunOIKOS family or household Multiple generations living together Slaves would be there as well Farmland around would be included within the OIKOS It was a small estate Men married at 35 and wanted to establish their careers By 35 the assumption was that the father had passed away and you can start your own OIKOS
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