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Xenophon and Sappho

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Victoria Wohl

CLA232 Men and Women Wednesday March 2 2011nd Xenophon and Sappho Gendered relationship between the inside and outside of the body translated also to their places in society Men spend most of their lives outside in the public sphere (politics, farming, etc.) and so the ideal man would spend most of his time outside In Xenophon we can see that men who spent much of their time inside (craftsmen) were seen as suspicious Because they were having to work hard indoors, they had no time outdoors participating in politics (ideal) So, the kalokagathos spend his time outdoors The way he managed to spend all of his time outdoors was by having his wife spend her time indoors It would be impossible to live the idea life of a kalokagathos if you didnt have someone staying home taking care of the indoor roles Women werent only kept indoors, but in their own quarters of the house The proper woman, then, stayed in womens quarters of the house Women did go out for religious festivals, however Even if a woman was out for a legitimate purpose (like religion) there was always anxiety that she would be drawn to vices (seduced into an affair, bears another mans child) A virtuous woman wasnt seen by strange men This division of space and ideal of women staying predominantly in the home was probably just for the upper classes (lower class women would have had to leave the home for chores, work, etc.) It also didnt apply to women without honour Themes that women cant be trusted, that theyre genetically different than men, that theyre a different race than men, that they have different social spheres, and that their interiors are different than their exteriors were all established in Hesiods myth So, nomos transforms into physis
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