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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

Wednesday February 15 2012 kkotrissympaticoca Male and femaleMen were the thinkers writers politicians Medeas barbarian and Greek male and female And also happens to be a witch Barbarian witchy women and Jason her husband a Greek heroAudience was mostly male and male mind setIf there were women in the audience they would mostly be prostitutes or barbarians still very few of themThe plays were chosen by the people citizens paid for playsTherefore the play would come down on the male sideThe foreigner women is more rational superior than the Greek manWomen characters quiet sympatheticStrong women in a male centered conceptPlay makes us empathize with the women the play lets us in to the womens emotionsThe Greek man in the audience play the women as the Greek male audience plays out in their mind how it would be like to be a women Masculine culture that is constantly exploring what it would be like to be a womenMedea about a Greek man and other She comes from ColeusScythians very moistShe is a foreigner she is more of an exileShe has a wild nature compared to as a tigerJason thinks he has done her a favour by getting her out of the barbarian
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