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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

Monday March 26 2012 Divisions within Greece between Sparta and AthensPanhellenism belief of Greece as a whole nationDuring the Persians wars when everyone was under threat the theory of Panhellenism was very strong when the Persians invaded the Greeks united but when it was over the Greeks started to fight with one another again The other is by nature different from the self Custom is king and we are all different by customThe definition of self and other and the relationship between them shifts through historical circumstancesHow did the Athenians imagine their differences from the Spartans The Peloponnesian war as these innate differencesThe Persian WarsIt was a time of Panhellenic unity The time they all fought togetherDifferences between Sparta and Athens immerging Sparta has good laws and involved in conquest of their neighbouring citiesDuring the Persian wars both are fighting together on behalf of Greece and are very unifiedFighting together they are the best soldiers in the world It was the Athenians who saved Greece The Sparta self interest lays in the Peloponnese Athenians has different geography placement so they have differen
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