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Jan 17

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

CLA 232 Jan. 17 1. Gods an mortals a. Gods are superior are mortals and you should never remember that b. Always are going to lose so why do you want to compare? c. Useful for self and other because helps human beings about their limitations d. Similar too and difference men i. Gods have infinite power and lives forever ii. Individual realms, ie. God of war and god of love iii. Power over mortals absolute, goddesseshave power over men 1. Trumps power of women and men 2. Dont eat, you die 2. Eos and tihonus a. Eos is the girl thitonus is the man b. Eos loves him and Zeus grants her his wish and lives forever but got older c. Beautiful young boy was old origin myth of cicada the cockroach 3. Similarities and mortals, Greek religion was Anthropomorphism i. Imagining the gods in human shape having human emotions and motives in the Iliad human beings better of other guys ii. Difference is, human beings compete, they die but gods dont 1. Never have consequences 2. They hav
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