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Jan. 31

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Victoria Wohl

CLA 232 Jan. 31, 2011 Greeks vs. Barbarians 1. Spoke the same language (all Greeks) a. Spartans, Athenians 2. Pan-Hellenic institutions a. Delphi b. Olympics i. Compete, the person who one, the best Spartan, Athenian they would say the best in the Greek world 3. Hesiod, Pan-Hellenic religious beliefs, sacrifice to same gods 4. Unite the Greek polis a. Greeks different from one another b. More similar to each other than Asians c. Parallel to Canadian history, French, English, what unites Canadians, not American 5. What defines the foreigner a. Europe and Asia 6. Division, Hellespont, Asian and Europe 7. Language, Greek, Barbaroi, barbarbar. 8. Culture differences, major thing Greeks, Asian run by monarchies a. Greeks thought they were free, self governing 9. Genos --- race a. Not skin color, Greeks knew different people had different skin colors b. Didnt find that interesting, closer to the sun thats why they are dark skin c. What matter was cultural differences d. Arrange marriage customs e. Explore redefining the difference i. Not as great as they thought f. What makes them them i. Rather than what makes us, us 10. Persian Wars 490 480 BCE a. Trojans, classic Persians, i. Iliad in Greek perspective ii. Trojan not negative, Trojan characters are more sympathetic 1. Equals the Greeks b. Persians, feminine, weak, slaves i. Greeks manly and great c. Greeks work together can overthrow d. Culture superiority 11. Herodotus Histories a. Herodotus history of Persian Wars b. Herodotus of Halicarnass, his researches are here set down to preserve the memory of the past by putting on record the astonishing achievements both
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