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Jan. 31st Lecture

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Victoria Wohl

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CLA 232 - Jan. 31st Lecture greeks vs. barbarians, main differences = location, language, culture foreigner helped define greeks as greeks, but what defined a foreigner, Hellespont - bridge to greece, body of water that separates greece and asia, right by the black sea, barbarians, barbaroi, named after the way their speech sounded like to the greeks, cultural differences, monarchies vs. free self-governing states, cultural differences to greeks represented different values, polis may have had its origins in asia, alphabet originated in asia, genos - racial group, cultural differences were most important to the greeks, racial features such as skin colour made no difference, difference from the dark age to the classical era, foreigners as different but with a sympathy, to how are they different and how they define us (better), one cause was the Persian wars, persi
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