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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

Lecture 10Greeks and BarbariansthHippocrates Airs Waters Places Feb 8 2012Alterity bw the Greek self and the other BarbarianUnderstanding of the other shapes the Persian wars shapes the way Herotodus tells history Today we are going to look at Greek VS Barbarian but through the view of MedicineMedicineuseful lens to look at a society because even though it aims to be objective BUT it always has its prejudices of its societies Greek medicine tried to explain Barbarians via science but their explanations just reflected their prejudicesth Hippocrates wrote Air Waters Places5 century BCFather of Greek medicine was one of the first doctors of Western worldFirst clauseDo no harm there were also clauses about abortions honestydealing with patients and other things that were less modern like if you go into a mans house dont talk to his wifedont mess with his slaves Because Medicine is apart of our culture today its hard to imagine there being a time when it didnt really exist Medicine was still a subcategory of religion during this timeIf you got sicksent to the Oracle to see which God you had angeredMaddness passion for wrong thingperson love etc can be considered a diseaseTemple of Asclepius off Asia Minor if you got sick would go hereslieep in the temple while you were sleeping a snake would whisper in your ear what was wrong with youHippocrates defined medicinetried to defined medicine AGAINST religionSacred diseaseepilepsyWanted to find a SCIENTIFIC explanationhe said epilepsy isnt caused by the Gods but because of an imbalance o Performed autopsies on animals and slaves but NOT citizensDiseases are caused by natural factorsthey develop in a predictable way This is an advantage because if it was caused by a God it would be unpredictableo Balance of fluids in the body phlegm bile blood etc
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